About me

Fiona Campbell  Fiona E. Campbell

Fiona has been teaching general and business English for nearly 25 years now. She is an Independent, certified Language Consultant, Business English Trainer, Teacher Trainer and Life Coach; co-author of Clockwise Intermediate Resource book for Teachers – Oxford University Press (OUP); author of the book How to Easily write Effective E-mails in English and and creator of the highly successful E-mail Boot Camp – 50 days to writing effective e-mails in English. She is the founder of Englishconnected and co-founder of AILTS (Association of Independent Language Teachers and Services) offering support, networking and Continuous Professional Development to teachers of all languages.


Fiona was Director of Studies, Training Manager & Teacher Trainer for two top language schools in Rome before deciding to become an independent Trainer and focus on building her own company.

Over the years she has done in company training in many top multinational companies and Italian ministries and has written and taught report writing skill courses for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Rome, Tanzania and Eritrea. She has a wide experience in level testing, language auditing and gap analysis.

Always interested in helping and supporting fellow teachers, Fiona has created and presented many practical workshops for professional language teachers on a wide variety of topics and skills.

Continuous Professional Development

Well over twenty years experience in the TEFL business helping extremely busy people reach a high level of proficiency in the English Language and training and developing teachers to be the best teachers they can possibly be. Realising along the way that everyone has an enormous potential within them and truly wanting to help and encourage this potential to emerge; always being a great believer and supporter of Continuous Professional/Personal Development (CPD) – the process of becoming the best you can in all areas of your life.


Her approach is always learner-centred;  tailor-making courses and programmes with interactive, relevant and effective materials. After many years of teaching and training people in company with very little time available but a strong desire or need to learn English, she is always searching for new ideas, approaches and solutions that take into account this big problem but at the same time offering good, solid, high quality content. Her aim is to help you to achieve your goals using the precious little time you have available effectively. The courses she offers are all designed to meet your needs and challenges, deal with linguistic, logistic and time problems; fitting in with your lifestyle and situation.


She’s a great lover of self development books and mentors, alternative therapies and her two wonderful dogs – the girls – Nana and Fea!



"A different language is a different vision of life." - Federico Fellini